The Maker,

I am Juliette. I am 17 years old and I live in Antwerp, Belgium. I make fursuits as a hobby and hope to provide the best quality I can offer everytime you order a suit. I am always improving my skills and I am not planning on keeping it like this. I always plan on getting better and bigger. my drive is to give everyone the creeps or a smile on their face when they see/order a suit from me. Making costumes is my passion and I hope to have many successful years to come. 


Tools and the Atelier,

I always provide the best quality when it comes to fur and foam. I use the well-known shaggy long pile fur that is used by many fursuit makers around the world. The foam that is used is upholstery foam and hard Eva-foam from Brugge, Belgium. I use a industrial Juki sewing machine that does the job very well. I work in a studio in my home. here I make nightmares and dreams come true. this area is located in my house in Antwerp, Belgium.