what are the shipping options?

I always choose for Bpost. this is the most safe option in my opinion. You automatically get insurance and a track and trace code with it. 

how do I pay?

I only have transferand paypal for now. but I hope to have other methods in the future.

how do I make my fursuit last for years?

It is of course very important that you take very good care of your costume so that it lasts for years to come. It is very important that you do not destroy your fursuit by, for example, pulling on the ears, horns, teeth or other small appendages. It is safest to always grab your fursuit with 2 hands and put it down calmly instead of throwing it. If you use fursuit spray you have to be sure that the spray does not get on the fur or eyes. this will destroy it and there is no warranty on this. For the fursuit parts it is always recommended to clean them with spray instead of washing them, always use COLD water.

how do I wash my fursuit?

My bodysuits have sewn in padding. I don't reccomend to wash it in the washing machine. therefore you get a free "fursuit washing spray" that you use to spray in the inside of your bodysuit. This spray is meant to last 6 months to 2 years. Make sure to rub it all in with your hands or a sponge. Don't overuse the spray! this can damage the fur. also never spray directly on the fur. 

for the fursuit parts you can use the same spray but it might smell too strong (for the inside of your fursuit head) so you can order a fursuit spray. For orders above €1O00 you get a free spray with the scents avaible at the moment. If you really need to wash your fursuit please contact me about it, I will give you detailled information on how to wash your fursuit the right way. I do not write it here because some fursuits need to be washed differently than others. 


are your fursuits cruelty free?

yes, I always use fake fur that is made out of plastic and acryl. 

my quote is not accepted, what do I do?

I am sorry but I need to make sure that everything I do is inside my own interest and style.  

my question is still not answered.

Please contact me via my social media pages. (See CONTACT)