payment plans

30% of prepayment is required before I start on your costume. (This is not refundable by cancels). When your suit is finished and you are happy with your suit, you will need to pay the rest of te price. Maximum time for a payment plan is 5 months. if you don't pay within the 5 months I have the right to sell the finished suit as it is, so no changes on the design will be made.

tools that I use

I only work with the tools that are listed on my website (see about > Tools and the atelier). I will not work with tools that the commissionner recommend unless I agree on using it. I use sometimes fur from local shops, but only when the quality is good enough. 


I also provide now a 6 months warranty on every error or broken fur/seam on your suit. after that I still offer repairs but not for free anymore. I do not give a warranty on fursuits that were used in a sexual way were treated really bad. 

please note that a fursuit is a wearable item and it's normal that there will be wear and tear. Please contact me and we will find a solution. 

my style

remember that I only make scary/big grinned creatures (I make exceptions sometimes but these are very rare), if I accepted your quote please remember that your creature will have a big mouth with lots of teeth and an angry face. If you don't mention that you want a more "cute" fursuit you will get a fursuit in my style. 


I have no employees and I am still studying. Because these circumstances make my working hours very varied, I cannot put a date on when your project will be finished. I am also vending a lot at furry(related) conventions, so keep in mind that when a convention is coming closer, I will be working slower on your project. I need to prepare myself and even make a premade. I WILL tell you when the convention is and when it is over so I can start working like normal again on your project. I do NOT work with deadlines and will never tell you when I think your suit will be finished. But I can say that the max working time on a suit is 5 months.

before ordering

Before ordering I will need a 3 sided clear reference sheet of your fursuit. For a Bodysuit I will need a duck tape dummy. I am not responsible if your duck tape dummy is not made well or with the wrong measurements. If you don't know how to make a DTD you could always watch some tutorials on YouTube. I also need the measurements of your head (around your head measurements) and your EU shoe size. If you have a special need (glasses, astma, allergies,...) Please let me know! this is really important!


I am allowed to reject people who use copy paste designs or who are known for being dangerous, offensive, annoying, disrespectful, under 18 (parental consent required). When I see or hear someone talk badly about me on any online platform or in real life, I will stop providing service and block you. I will do a background check. This is also for my own mental health.

Other fursuit makers will be informed about your behavior, so please think before you act. 

allergies and pets

I own a lot of animals (this is also a hobby of me)

- dogs

- birds

- horses

- fish

- reptiles

- insects

They don't have contact with the fur that I use but they could give off hair, dust,... 


I only work with transfers or if you live close to me cash is also possible. 


I have the right to cancel your order if you don't accept my TOS or show inappropriate behavior to me (being impolite, extremely impatient,..) Or if I find out later that you are being known for being dangerous, offensive, disrespectful,... you will only get a 70% refund because I already started on your project. 


I have the right to reject future orders because the design might be not into my interest and will not fit my style. I do not think that it is ugly. I don't make fursuits that have holes in sexual ways because I am not comfortable with that. I am not against it, I just don't feel comfortable about it. I dont make fursuits that are copy pasted from a known fursuit/design.


pick up orders

I do pick up orders but these will only be outside my house for privacy reasons. If you order a fullsuit, you will always get a suit up video. So you don't need to suit up with me present. I don't do pickups at conventions. 

About my work

(text by beastcub, but this suits my work very well) ofcourse I adjusted it!

I am one woman building these things in my living room, my stuff is literally "homemade" and I want to be sure you understand upfront what you are getting from me.

 While I put a huge amount of focus into the comfort and outward appearance of each piece, the inside is left rather rough and plain, for example:

I don't do things like lined zippers, I don't always do hemmed neck openings or paw cuffs. I double sew all bodysuits but seam edges are not overlocked, thread excess is not always fully trimmed inside, and there will be marks from the patterning process on the backing of the fabric.

Not all parts of my heads are sewn, the insides of my foam heads are not lined in the "usual" sense, it does expose some little foam on the edges sometimes (like next to the eyes or mouth) but this does not bother the comfort, bodies only get lining where there is padding.

For scary looking animals are much more details required and this is not always easy to do with only thead. So I will use glue but not too much to bother the outcome. It is safer to use glue when you know what you are doing than thread and It would maybe come off.

If you like what you see then you will enjoy ordering from me, but if you want a super neat and tidy pristine costume without a single flaw where every bit is soft n sewn and overall more akin to a wearable stuffed animal, and you don't want any face parts assembled with glue, then I am probably not your maker, which is perfectly fine! There are hundreds of fursuit makers to choose from these days :)