commission prices

head only 

EUR 1000+


handpaws (4 fingers)

EUR 200+


feetpaws (plantigrade)

EUR 300+



nubtail (deer, bunny,...)

EUR 30+

normal tail (wolf, fox,...)

EUR 50+

long tail (big fox tail, big cat tail, dragon tail,...)

EUR 80+

floor dragger (rat, dutch angel dragon,...)

EUR 130+



plantigrade (straight legs/human legs)

EUR 500+

digitigrade (3D legs/realistic animal legs)

EUR 900+

(note that feetpaws are attached to the digitigrade bodysuit, but feetpaws are automatically calculated in the bodysuit price)


body and head add ons

hand or feetpaw claws

EUR 30+


EUR 15+


EUR 50+


These are the basic starting prices. Extra details like extra colors, hair tufts, body modifications,... are more expensive. 

For a decent quote please contact me via instagram.